Fast, secure and personal web hosting


Straightforward hosting without fuss. No catches and no extras, which you may pay for, but you don't use. My personal approach means you don't have to talk to chatbots or a different employee every time.

With more than 10 years of experience in hosting web pages and email servers, I know all the tricks of the trade and can deliver high-quality hosting with personal support.

Taco de Wolff, owner of DexHost

Performance and quality

Using powerful processors, extra fast hard drives and ample memory, your website will be faster than anywhere else. In addition to the custom configuration of software and the use of powerful caching layers, among others a special WordPress plugin allows better integration with my servers. As a result, your website loads faster than ever and you are ready for large numbers of visitors.

More cables is better. The superior connection of my servers gives you an edge over the rest!

Security and privacy

Thorough protection and preventive measures, combined with constant checking and monitoring ensure that your data are safe.

High-quality cryptographic encryption for all connections ensures that no one can sniff your packets. The "paranoid" configuration of all software and a robust separation between other users guarantees that you can rely on the security of your website and email.

Through constant monitoring and application of the latest cyphers and software versions, I stay ahead of problems and hackers don't get a chance. Your website and personal data are safe with me.


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Frequenty asked questions

How is it different from other hosting providers?

All products are managed, which means that I actively fix problems and keep your website up to date. Using a special plugin, WordPress is automatically optimized and integrates better with the server, resulting is much higher performance for your website. The personal touch and active engagement is what you rarely see with other providers, where you talk to someone else every time, or even to a chatbot! Moreover, many providers do not meet good security standards which may compromise your website more easily, and they make more money by stuffing the servers with too many websites which makes your website much slower. In terms of security and quality, I offer hosting comparable to the top end and you get value for money.

Why are websites faster with you?

Many other providers use older hardware and software and try to make as much money as possible by putting (too) many websites on one server. If another website gets a lot of visitors, your website will be slow too, which is not fair. I use several techniques to guarantee your speed, such as: modern hardware and software, several caching layers, and with me you get the computing power and space you pay for without being bothered by other users.

Why are websites and email safer with you?

By using advanced techniques (such as a US NSA system) and high-quality encryption for connections, your security is ensured and it is impossible to be eavesdropped on (also known as end-to-end encryption). Shielding between users is very strong and I use the latest techniques to secure email. Note that many providers do not even meet the minimum security requirements, no wonder so many get hacked!

How does payment work?

You pay once a year for your domain name, for your website, email addresses and for any hours worked. Your domain name is always paid for a full year, but the website and email addresses can be cancelled monthly with at least one month's notice. If there are many outstanding hours that I have worked for you, they can also be settled earlier.

Can I create a webshop?

Yes you can! The easiest way is with WordPress together with WooCommerce. This is easy to set up yourself (but I'm happy to help) and you can set up products and configure payment systems with it. I recommend to use at least a Large hosting product.

How do I design a personal website?

The easiest way is through WordPress that I install for you. Once logged in, you can choose your own theme and install functionality through plugins. For this, I recommend at least a Small hosting product.

Why is speed important for websites?

There is a measurable and clear effect between the loading time of a website and the conversion rate; the number of visitors who purchase a product or service out of all the visitors on your website. People gain (sometimes subconsciously) more confidence in what you have to offer. About half of people expect your website to load within two seconds, if it takes longer they lose attention or leave. With me, websites often load (well) within a second, but it is important to perform optimisation on larger websites. I'm happy to help you with that!

Why are security and privacy so important?

Websites are under constant attack from bots and hackers, and sometimes even well-known websites break (although they rarely make this known). It is very important that everything is properly secured to make it almost impossible to get hacked. Especially if your website deals with people's personal data or it contains payment systems, it is very important to ensure privacy. website test e-mail test HTTP/3 Check Qualys SSL Labs